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yay-8519754-digitalSo when I left off I was talking about my journey to New York, I may have shortened the tale substantially, but I didn’t want my first post to be a novel. Essentially through a long series of events, I wound up in New York. I found a small walk up apartment, and began work for a new crew. I won’t give away the name, but you can find them at and have a look for yourself. I like that they focus on many different things, which means that I can get trained across a couple different fields at once. I started off just laying concrete and working masonry, but then learned the other aspects of the business too, which is good.

So new to the city, I had a job and a place, and then had to figure out where I landed in this whole situation. Who I was going to be, just another good old boy from Alabama, or to make a new name for myself, and be a totally different person than who I was previously. I guess at times I’m still kind of working on that part. I have a nickname on the site that I’m not going to share here, but the boys think it’s hilarious every time they use it. I suppose what’s in good fun and makes everyone else around me comfortable can’t be that bad. I introduced some of the guys to down home country cooking, it’s a benefit I picked up from my Ma, always knowing how to cook. It’s worked out on some of the few dates that I’ve gone on since arriving here.

I think the people here move a lot faster than we do back home, but I suppose that there’s a good chance you may be hit by a car if you don’t. Over time I think my pace through the world has quickened a bit, but I still miss sitting out on the porch at night and just watching the night sky for hours. I’ve tried it here, but the light pollution and the constant drone of traffic makes it hard to do so. I’m not saying I don’t love New York, I really like some parts of it, yet really miss some parts of home. I think that’s pretty inevitable when you have that double kind of life. Being a small town guy in the big city. I still dress kind of country, which would be something if not for some of the ways people dress around here.

My folks still call once a week, they update me on everything going on back home, who’s getting married, who’s had babies, who passed away. Thankfully it’s mostly those who already had a foot in the grave when I left. I have had some friends from home come and visit me here, bout you can tell that they don’t really know what to do with themselves here. Perhaps they feel the same way I do sometimes.


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