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Since starting this blog I kept up with my pool league, but also joined a small group of fellow writers. Not all blog types, but some that write big novels and short stories and a whole slew of things in between. It’s pretty cool to pick their brains for some ideas on what to write myself. I have always wanted to write a novel, and maybe now that I find myself with all this free time, it could be time to finally do so. I know I got some pretty good ideas in my head about what to write. Maybe a part autobiography about a small town guy in a big city. I could invent all these adventures that he would go on, maybe partly wishing that it was me doing so.

I still work each day with the boys at and it’s a great group. We’ve been working on some big buildings lately, which keeps us busy from the moment we step onto the site, until the sun starts to fall in the evening. That’s when I pack up my lunch kit and hop the subway back home. I keep a little pad an pen with me on the ride, it takes about 40 minutes, so I have plenty of time to jot down little ideas that I’ve had throughout the day. I think those who know me would be surprised to know some of the stories that come to me. It definitely doesn’t ring true of a county boy from Alabama.

I’m glad that I’m starting to find some direction though. The writing group that I’ve been hanging around knows about my blog, and a few of them have stopped by to check out some of the tale so far, they send me replies as to what they think and I take it all in. No matter the critiques I get, for better or worse, I take them all in so that I have a better idea of what I’m doing when it comes to writing. Perhaps eventually I may post snippets of these works on here, and whoever is reading this can take the time to read, and give me their own thoughts. I always love hearing about other peoples thoughts and interpretations of what I write, it gives me a perspective into what I’m giving into the world.

So I have those three things so far, pool, writing and, I think that’s pretty good movement for a few short weeks. Maybe as I update further even more things will come along. Perhaps I’ll get so busy that my pace will speed up too. Or perhaps I’ll stay the down home country boy and keep moving along at my leisurely pace, writing, playing pool, and laying concrete. No matter what happens, I will always be who I am, I will always have ideas, and I will always want to share my experiences with you, whoever you may be, and maybe you can share back.

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